Friday, 20 November 2009


Missed my kuk sool class last night. Set out in plenty of time but got gridlocked at the west end. Managed a u-turn eventually but got caught up in loads of traffic that had had the same idea. Could have gone the long way round, but by the time I cleared the city centre, it just didn't leave me enough time for that route.

Disappointed. But at least it gave me some downtime.


  1. Hi Avril

    If you're talking about the bypass around the south of the city then I know it well! I used to live up there. That road can be a nightmare - I blame Ikea :-)

  2. Hi Sue

    This wasn't the bypass, this was the city centre! Mind you, the bypass is still a good laugh though :-)

    I blame the Tourist Train Set, oops I mean the wonderful tram project.


  3. mmmmm we have trams in Sheffield. Mixed blessing! :-)

  4. At least you *have* trams! We just have endless roadworks lol.