Thursday, 19 November 2009

Train, train, train

Currenly I train in 3 aspects of the martial arts: kuk sool won ('traditional' martial art), mixed martial arts and krav maga.

Although I enjoy aspects of all 3, I find the MMA and krav to be relentlessly practical. Possibly they're more effective as well, but I'm fairly new to kuk sool so will not judge it based on a beginner's knowledge.

For me, it is good to train on 'both sides of the coin', as it were. I think that if you want to be a well-rounded martial artist you need both the traditional and modern styles. It is also very good for the general humility to put on a white belt again!


  1. Hi Avril,

    that's the difference between the bugei arts and the budo arts. The former are entirely practical just teaching you to fight, the latter are much broader in concept with more emphasis on fusion of 'mind, body and spirit' and the development of self in a more holistic way. Hope you enjoy you Kuk sool training (what ever that is!):-)


  2. hi

    Kuk sool is pretty new to me. It's Korean, founded mid 20th century (founder is still alive and has visited my club apparently).

    My best description of it so far is mixed martial arts, Korean style!

    It's certainly a fusion of striking, throwing, joint locking, weapons and 'spirit'. Everything is done at top speed and I'm definitely glad I'm coming to it with a martial arts background.

    It's certainly interesting.