Monday, 21 February 2011

No deid!

Ok, so I'm not dead after all!

I've felt like it sometimes - a lot has happened since I last posted here :=)

Quick summary: the focus of my training has changed quite a lot since my last entry. I finally bought a new bike. I had inherited a friend's road bike - it scared me half to death - so I decided to replace it with a Specialized Ariel hybrid, which I love very much. It is currently an extremely grubby bike but it is my pride and joy :-)

I'm still not a great cyclist - it's been a *long* time since I was last on a bike - but I'm getting there. Hills are still not my friends either, but I'm gradually learning the right gears to use to make things easier on my legs. I try to get at least one ride of 8 - 10 miles in over the weekend, more if I can manage it. As the nights get lighter I'll hopefully get out more. I fit in longer runs at the weekend when I can. I particularly enjoyed my run out to Craigie's Farm last week (15 miles-ish round trip) - esp the lovely, lovely cake.

I'm also back playing badminton. My wee club at work is up to 3 sessions a week now, and the membership is growing. I still can't hit the site of a barn sometimes, but I'm getting faster around the court again.

I'm currently on a cycle where I'm not lifting so much weight or so often. I go through wee turns like that sometimes. No doubt when I'm on lates next week I'll be back swinging those kettlebells!

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