Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Played badminton (singles) for an hour yesterday lunchtime. Lost one, won one. Actually that should more accurately read: got blitzed in the first, raced into a huge lead in the second only to nearly throw it away but hung on in there for the win ....

My kind colleagues duly informed me afterwards that I looked like I'd be lying in the sun for a week, my face was so red!

Kung fu at night. We worked our stances a lot at the start - currently we're spending some time looking at the supplementary (or very low) stances. These are pretty brutal on middle-aged knees lol. We moved on to practice our footwork then our strikes and kicks, before partnering up to work on the fighting methodology. We finished off by looking at throws and fells.

Then it was chi kung class to finish off the night.

NB I slept *really* well last night!!

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