Monday, 21 February 2011


I have a regular Sunday morning bike training ride that I do. I basically hammer up and down the cycle paths near where I stay. It's pretty much all off road, so not too much 'thinking' to do. There is a gradient, gradual but nippy enough in places to get the legs and CV system working. It's just under 9 miles in total, and I usually take the Garmin with me to grab my stats.

Yesterday's result: 10 mins off best time so far!! W00t etc. And - no stops at all (except for traffic lights). Normally I stop at least twice for a drink. Yesterday I was determined to power through the whole thing. Knackered at the end, esp when I reviewed my stats and realised that both my top speed and average speed were up for the whole ride. I didn't get the sense that my 'power' was that great, esp towards the end (the nippiest gradient of all).

Also had nasty headwind that seemed to be in my face no matter what sodding direction I was going ..... At least I wasn't clarted with anything like as much mud as I usually am ....

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