Tuesday, 4 May 2010

It's been a while

In spite of the hurty bits (several - see below), I toddled off to krav class last night. You have NO idea how glad I was that only 3 of us turned up so that we focused on skills rather than fitness lol. We had our obligatory warmup of a run round the hall. In my case this was much more of a lopsided lurch and I got lapped at least once.

Was delighted to see UTP (Usual Training Partner) back after her Beltane adventures. I miss her chat and giggles during training. For those who might frown on laughter during training - I do actually take class quite seriously, but for me fun is a v important part of learning.

Lee is apparently away just now, so poor Michael had the pleasure of our company. He took us through some basic skills such as stances, footwork and strikes. Ideal for myself and UTP, since we've both been away a while. We also did some shadow boxing, working a variety of punches, elbows and knees. After some padwork, we moved onto 360 defence against hooking attacks from high, mid and low level followed by parrying against a straight attack. Then just for fun we threw a knife attack into the mix.

The hour passed quickly and it was nice to be back.

Shall probably have the achilles / ankle / heel / whatever thing prodded by the osteopath tomorrow.

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