Monday, 3 May 2010

note to self ....

.... do not stay away from Circuits class for so long next time. It won't hurt as much if you go regularly :=)

Current list of sore bits (only some of may be related to the foregoing):

  • Toes on left foot (still twinge a bit occasionally) - Self-inflicted
  • Back of right ankle / heel (hope it's not an achilles problem) - Thank you hindu squats!
  • Right wrist - No idea, but it was obviously a doozy
  • Lower back - Sleeping at a v funny angle, so I blame the cat for this one

I would like to go to krav class tonight but it's going to depend on sore bit no 2 above. I went for a run yesterday (Sensible? Moi? As if!) and it hurt like a really hurty thing afterwards.


  1. You crack me up! I hope your heel/achilles is ok, but I have a feeling that even if it isn't, you're gonna wrap it and hobble off to class anyway.

  2. Hi Felicia

    Know what? You were right!