Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kung fu no more!

I got an email from Sifu last night telling me that he is stepping down as an instructor with immediate effect, as he would like to pursue his own learning and development for now. I am actually quite gutted about this, as he is an excellent teacher. I totally understand where he is coming from though. I have already emailed the other Sifu about joining one of his classes.

I shall miss my Thursday chi kung and kung fu :=(

On the positive side, I can at least return to Thursday krav maga now.


  1. Wow! that's a bit sudden - could have given you all a bit more notice. Hope you find a new class.

  2. Yeah... I'm not real impressed with a teacher that would just drop his responsibilities like that. He could have given everyone a two-week notice, and even acted as the go-between with another instructor so that your training wouldn't be interrupted. Color me less than impressed by his selfishness. Good luck to you and the other pupils in your class.