Monday, 12 July 2010

Sunday Service - let us play

Run by the 'Very Rev'd' Rannoch Donald (Simple Strength) and Gerry Higgins (Bond Fitness), Sunday Service is a free and fun-for-all session on the Meadows, Edinburgh. Those who come along get to play with battle ropes, kettlebells, tyres, powerbags and all the bodyweight fun and games you can shake a wet summer's day at. You could almost call it fun-ctional training lol.

Went to my first Sunday Service last week. It piddled with rain the whole way through. The half dozen or so that turned up basically went home soaked through, covered in mud and knackered. It was great!

Yesterday was better as the sun was out. It was still pretty damp underfoot though, so I still went home covered in mud and grass. What did we do this week? Bit of running to warm up, our 100 reps (press ups and variants, lunges etc), then onto sets of 'explosive' kettlebell squats (full squat, up to halfway, down to full squat then explode up) interspersed with T pushups. My feet were all over the place due to the wet grass in this one so I ended up dropping to my knees for my own safety! Then we partnered up and one did alternate deep lunges whils the other ran out to a designated point and back again. 3 sets of this, quick drink break and we got on to the real fun.

Gerry set up various stations for us: kettlebells, explosive medicine ball throw, powerbag carry (25kg plus, run out and back), battle ropes and tyre pull. When we'd all had a shot each, we split into 2 groups. One group took turns flipping the tyre 6 times (flip one way, run round then flip it back the other - hilarious on wet grass ....) whilst the other ran out with a 16kg kettlebell tied to a length of rope. Once the rope was fully extended, you dropped the bell, ran back to the start then hauled the kettlebell in hand over hand. Pick up the bell up in the other hand and run back out, run back to the start and haul the bell in again.

Once we'd all had a shot and the groups had swapped over, Gerry decided to really finish us off with a car push! We paired up again and ran down Melville Drive pushing a Nissan Micra. That was good fun actually.

Fun session, the hour went really fast although I could prob live without quite so much running. Give me heavy things to pick up and put down again though and I'm quite happy lol.

Boy, do my quads know about those explosive squats though! It is unlikely that there will be any krav tonight - I think I would be a risk to myself and others.

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