Tuesday, 20 April 2010

psycho kitty!

Took the day off work yesterday to take the cat (Josie) to the vet for a check up.

Josie is a longhaired tabby tortie who will be 11 on 01 May. She is full of tortie 'attitude'.

Actually, we nearly didn't make it to the vet at all. First of all Josie pulled a disappearing act when I got the cat basket out, then when I did find her after about 10 minutes she did a 'psycho kitty' on me. I ended up having to put my grappling gloves on to try and get her out of the wardrobe. I still lost, and my gloves have scratches on them ....

Of course as soon as I phoned the vet to say we might not make it, out she came looking a bit sheepish. Grabbed her, chucked her in the basket and off we went. The Cat Clinic is roughly a 20 min drive from the house and Josie ranted and raved the whole way there. She also had a fair bit to say while we were sitting in the waiting room which isn't like her.

Anyway, Simon eventually called us through and Miss Butter-Wouldn't-Melt-In-Her-Mouth emerged from the basket to be told "hello beautiful" etc etc. Check up went well, no health issues, Podgebelly has gained half a kilo, and her wee 'toilet issues' are a likely result of her fondness for chicken korma(!) and apple pie and custard(!!). Josie ends up lying on her side getting her tummy rubbed and you could see the wee student accompanying the vet thinking that she'd made a good career choice.

Then out came the claw trimmers and the you-know-what hit the fan!! The wee student was suddenly not so keen on veterinary medicine lol. Suffice to say Josie and Simon had a fairly major disagreement over her claws, and how she never dislocated her front leg I will never know! I'm pretty sure it was wrapped round the back of her ears at one point. She's certainly a good wee grappler - there was two of us holding her upside down and she still got out of it! Anyway, Grumpy Knickers ultimately lost the argument despite swearing like a trooper and attempting to deploy most of her sharp bits and her claws got trimmed.

Simon added insult to injury by picking her up and giving her a cuddle. He didn't see her frown, but I did. Then he put her back in her basket, she dithered a bit and he gave her bum a wee push. And she whirled round, swore at him - and swiped him an absolute beauty across the palm.

Josie normally really adores Simon and is generally a sweetheart with him, to the point of being a total tart. However yesterday it was more like Welcome to my world! This is the Josie I live with lol. I was mortified btw, even though cat scratches are an occupational hazard in his line of work. You really don't want the reputation associated with having a cat who savages the vet. It was funny though, right up until the bit where he was bleeding.

So the big match summary goes something like this:

Vet 1 - 1 Cat

Cat won on penalties after extra time.

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