Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monday krav

Good krav class last night, although I got some major stick from our instructors Marcus and Lee for attending Sunday's Z-Health seminar. They even summoned me into the circuits class which they run before our class just to really rub it in. Cheers guys!

After a 'medium' warmup, we covered our usual combatives - palm heel strikes, then adding in hammer fists, face claws, knees and front kicks before moving on to 360 defence and situational defences.

2 hour combat conditioning class tonight instead of the kuk sool which I've now officially given up.

I was checking out the circuits class while the guys were giving me a hard time. I thought I was unfit till I saw some of these guys! I don't mean to be unkind and I know it's an hour's class etc, but some people's form during exercises like bodyweight squats, shoulder presses, bent over rows etc, was absolutely appalling. Marcus told me that a number of people have quit the class because "it's too hard". They should try krav class some time to find out what hard really is lol


  1. Hi Avril,

    I think a lot of people underestimate how fit you need to be to do martial arts, particularly the external arts. Shame about the kuk sool but at least you've got more time to get even fitter :-)

  2. Hi Sue

    What always amazes / worries me is how unfit the under 20s are. Working in a university we have our own gym on campus. It's brand new, dirt cheap and about 2 mins from my desk, so I make very regular use of the facilities, classes etc. Sometimes we share the classes with students. These students are half my age, half my size etc - and can't last the pace! Even in kuk sool class it's the teenagers who quit exercises before the older students. It's a worry for the future.


  3. I've made the same observation in my karate class - the teenagers can't cope with the pace. I think the younger ones have more flexibility and speed than us older ones but lack the stamina and strength that we have. I think it's also got a lot to do with mental strength and application as well - us oldies seem to have bags more of that :-)

  4. I don't remember ever being that unfit at that age! I do agree with you about mental strength and application though. The culture of instant gratification often means that younger students give up very quickly if they don't pick something up right away.