Saturday, 26 December 2009

Work problems solved

only to find other problems at home!

We currently have no water due apparently to a "burst pipe locally". Oh joy.

Och well, we have bottled water for drinking plus some Pepsi. When that runs out there's always the whisky liqueur lol.

I'm sure it'll all be sorted soon.


  1. At least it didn't spoil Christmas Day! Hope you get it sorted quickly. Presumably if you have no water you have no central heating either? Brrrrr..... and with all that snow! You have my sympathy.

  2. Hi Sue

    Water was back on within a couple of hours. Outage was due to a burst pipe locally apparently. We still had central heating though as ours is what's known as a "closed system" which effectively runs independently of the water supply.

    These things happen at this time of year I suppose. We coped :=)