Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Last Monday class of 2009

Last night was the last Monday krav class of this year. We were pretty thin on the ground, what with it being nearly Christmas and all, I think there were 8 of us all told. I was impressed that 2 of the newbie females from last week came back. It's good to see people giving us a 2nd go.

Class started with a circuit style warm up for a change - rounds of skipping, step-ups, tricep dips, barbell shoulder presses and bicep curls. The guys got to do pull ups as well since there is a pull up bar in the room. I would have given that a go - IF I was tall enough to reach the bar!

Then it was on to combatives, punching this time rather than palm heel strikes. Both Marcus and Lee picked me up several times on my left jab which I'm currently doing some very odd things with. Basically I'm not rotating the hand enough as I punch. I know that I'm doing it, I'm not sure why I'm doing it - I don't do it anywhere else - and I'm having difficulty not doing it. Very strange.

We then started adding in front and round kicks to our combinations. That ended up getting a bit complicated until we ended up with front kick, jab, cross, round kick, front kick, jab, cross, knee, knee .... It got a bit messy in places really.

Then we worked some takedowns. I ended up taking a few awkward falls onto an unmatted floor. I'm quite heavy and I didn't think it fair to expect my smaller and much lighter partner to control my falls. I don't mind breakfalling without a mat, but my old bones start to feel it after a few falls! Still, I survived with no harm done.

Mini-seminar tonight, think it's on empty hand self defence.

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