Sunday, 27 December 2009

More training

Bodyweight work yesterday - different styles of press ups plus plenty of crunches, followed by plenty of two arm kettlebell swings with the heavier bell. Finished off with some stretching.

Today was serious kettlebells. Work with the lighter bell on:

2 arm swing
press (both sides)
single arm row (both sides)
'round the world'
high pull
single arm swing (both sides)
2 arm swing

Work time was probably about 15 minutes, so was v glad to hit the shower after that little lot!

After breakfast it was off to the in-laws to swap presents. It was a mixture of rain and sleet here, but we hit snow on the bypass. Nasty, nasty but had cleared by the time we were coming home. Even spotted a wee deer on the way back, but couldn't see whether it was a roe or a red deer.

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