Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Combat sport

After giving up the kuk sool - which has actually proved to be a rather suprising relief - I needed something to do with my Tuesday nights.

Last week it was Rannoch's combat conditioning workshop which I really enjoyed. This week I thought I would give the regular combat sport class a whirl. And I'm pleased to report that I really enjoyed it. Surprise surprise, I was the only female there but since it's part of the krav maga setup I did at least know a lot of the guys.

Rannoch wasn't there so Marcus took the class. I suspect this made for a different sort of class. For a start there was no mobility warmup - we just went straight into shadow boxing. I generally quite enjoy this but I found myself slightly put off by a niggly ankle / foot / heel thing that's I've had going on for a wee while now. I soon got into the swing of things though, esp when we started doing something called 'partner kicking'. Basically you partner up then taking turns throwing the specified kick at each other. Idea is not to hit each other but to build up speed. We started with front snap kick then went onto turning / roundhouse kicks.

Then we moved onto padwork drills - front kick, jab, cross first then onto jab,jab, cross and jab, cross, hook, cross. A couple more complicated combos then it was onto sparring.

Now, sparring generally pushes my aggression buttons big-time, so I was trying to be a good girl and wind back the power and to *think* about what I was doing. Did not too bad on the first fight, second one I was in that wee groove of mine ..... spent a lot of it apologising for belting the poor guy! I felt so sorry for him cos I think he was being nice and controlled. Och well, it's not lacrosse we're playing here!


  1. Hi Avril,
    Hope you're around if I ever get picked on - I'll be right behind you girl! lol.

  2. Hi Sue

    Am a long way from being the world's greatest martial artist, or even a particularly good fighter, but I'm told I've got a mean right cross and fast, 'heavy' hands. I'm also happy to spar anybody!

    It's probably because I'm only wee and I've got red hair!