Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Krav last night

Good krav class last night.

There were a few first timers / fairly new folks, so the warmup was relatively light. We used the BodyPump weights and barbells that were already in the gym for sets of bent over rows, overhead presses and bicep curls, followed by alternate lunges with the barbell in the overhead position. Compared to some of our warmups, that was ok! There was of course the obligatory running around before and after.

Then it was straight into our standard combatives, palm heel striking then onto closed fist punching. I'm quite happy punching, thanks to my previous martial arts background but my training partner was less comfortable and stuck with palm heels.

Then we moved onto chokes, working to defend front, side and rear chokes from standing, then side choke on the ground. Then we added in a takedown (yay for MMA breakfall training - some people not too thrilled with this as it's a wooden floor with no mats) before working this situational in a 3:

To defending side choke on the ground
To standing up
To defending rear choke

We finished off defending front, side and rear chokes with only one hand. I got a bit mentally challenged by this one!!

Good fun class though.

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