Thursday, 1 April 2010

another day ....

And a difficult one at that.

A meeting meant that I didn't get to spin class, and I was very late leaving which meant zero chance of getting to any classes.

However, I did my mobility work then hit the bodyweight exercises for my 100 reps:

30 pressups
15 lunges - right (rather tricky because of my toes)
15 lunges - left
40 bodyweight squats

I also picked up the 16kg kettlebell to push press for a few good reps. I've had the 16kg for a while now but have done little with it, so I really wan to start getting used to working with it.

I then did some kung fu stance training and finished with chi kung exercises.

It was a nice short little session that really took my mind off the stuff that's been going on at work.

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