Thursday, 1 April 2010

some other stuff

I did do some other stuff recently.

Almost 2 weeks ago now I got the opportunity to attend a 2 hour kettlebell masterclass with master trainer Steve Cotter. I treated myself to this session since I ended up not being able to do the CKT training over that weekend.

It ended up being an excellent session. Steve had us work on just two lifts - the single arm snatch and the double clean and jerk. I'm not especially fond of either lift, which probably made it so much the better for me. I've never been that good at the technique for the clean and jerk, so I really liked the way that Steve broke the lift down into clear stages which we could practice and build on. I appreciate this 'chunking' style of learning.

We worked sets for volume rather than weight, which was definitely challenging! We certainly got through a lot of chalk. When I saw the pics from the event I realised that black had not been that a great choice to wear - I'm head to toe covered in chalk as you will see from this pic lol.

The other great thing about the class was that I got to meet up with a lot of the friends that I've trained with previously at Rannoch's KB1 and KB2 workshops. Quite a few of us keep in touch, and it's always nice to meet up again.

The next day I *hurt* (self inflicted, I know) but I did head off to the Combat Ready gym for a 2 hour krav maga refresher session. I was so tired I could really have done with not going but I had already promised UTP that I would go along. Actually, we were both so shattered that I don't think either of us trained to our usual sort of level which was a real shame because the session covered a lot of good stuff across levels 1-3.

It was certainly a busy session on the mats which made some of the ground stuff 'interesting' to say the least! After training, I had to zoom home, shower, change, eat and charge off to the hospital to see my mother.

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