Thursday, 8 April 2010

back to normal-ish

So far this week I've managed to get to 2 of my usual 3 spin classes, and I'm planning to go to the 3rd this morning. I do like spin.

My foot is still bothering me a little bit, so rather than go to the kickboxing class I broke out the kettlebells again last night. This time my workout looked like this:

25 star jumps

50 swings
10 & 10 snatches (right & left)
10 double clean and jerk
25 bodyweight squats

50 swings
12 & 12 snatches (right & left)
10 double clean and jerk
25 press ups

50 swings
15 & 15 snatches (right & left)
5 double clean and jerk
25 crunches

10 & 10 overhead squats (right & left)

Apart from almost clonking the cat in the face with the kettlebell mid-snatch when she decided to nip past me, training went well! Chi kung and kung fu class tonight, then hopefully back to properly normal next week.

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