Monday, 5 April 2010

challenges, challenges

Lent may be over but I have decided to try and keep going with the no chocolate, no crisps, no fizzy juice etc. I actually wasn't even interested in chocolate yesterday. I definitely want to keep going with the no fizzy juice as it has no redeeming qualities whatsover.

Going without these things for the last 6 weeks has been an interesting exercise. If nothing else it demonstrates how much of British 'snack life' is built around them. I've stood in our shop at work wondering what the hell to have that isn't crisps, chocolate, sweets or biscuits. I'm glad I didn't decide to ditch baked goods as well, or I really would have been screwed! The shop doesn't sell fruit although the canteen does - unfortunately the quality is so poor that it's not worth buying. I often nip into the 24 hour supermarket on the way to work and pick up some fruit to snack on.


  1. Know that this post made me want to go scarf down the last of my white chocolate bunny left over from Easter. Is it OK if I wash it down with an apple?

  2. Hi Felicia

    I'm sure the apple will make it all better!