Monday, 4 January 2010


Back to work today :=(

Roads are a real mess, and rumour has it that the local council either has, or is about to, run out of salt. Certainly there were no signs of any roads being treated this morning, and I skidded onto the A1.

That said, I had even more difficulty finding our slip road and really slithered down it. Am really not looking forward to attempting to get back onto the A1 when I leave work shortly. Although I've just been told that the gritters have now been on campus. Fingers crossed ....

Leaving the car at home tomorrow though.

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  1. Hi Avril, it's no better where I am - the main roads are well gritted but getting onto the main road from our side street is the problem! I went to work on the bus today - less hassle. More heavy snow is forcast for Wednesday.