Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fasting (and getting grumpy)

I've decided to have a go at this intermittent fasting malarkey, courtesy of Chris over at Conditioning Research who pointed me in the direction of Brad Pilon's ebook Eat - Stop - Eat.

I could certainly stand to shed a few kilos, and I'm not going to starve to death by missing out a few meals today. However my stomach can't read and it is currently demanding to know if my throat's been cut (ie where the h£ll is breakfast???)

I'm scheduled for my first meal around 5pm tonight. I had my last food around the same time last night. Luckily I've got a spin class at lunchtime so hopefully I'll miss the worst of people stuffing rubbish down their necks.

I suspect I will be v grumpy by the time I get home though! Hope nobody cuts me up on the A1 lol.

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