Friday, 18 June 2010


Well, that's my 2nd fast over. 4 hours early but I guess 20 hours isn't bad. Also, the Eat - Stop - Eat documentation suggests that the body starts to get the most benefit from the fast from around 18 hours.

Things to note:

  • Make sure I have things to do to distract me - being on the helpdesk (and thus unable to workout, go for a walk etc) isn't conducive to an 'easy' fast.
  • It will get easier in time.
  • My belly was still pathetically grateful to be fed!


  1. Keep going Avril. How often do you have to do the fast?

  2. Hi Sue

    The Eat - Stop - Eat documentation suggests fasting once or twice per week, but it's a very flexible system.

    I'm certainly planning to continue with it.