Friday, 18 June 2010

some smokin' kung fu

Excellent chi kung and kung fu class last night. As seems to be the norm lately, I was the only student in both classes. Sifu did tell me that he's had several enquiries from potential students, so this might not go on for much longer.

I did as the osteopath told me and rested yesterday, so my knee felt ok. It wasn't really up to kicking though, so we avoided that. As usual we started off practicing footwork, working linear movement and using open and closed steps to pivot. As ever we began training solo before moving onto partner work.

We then trained our strikes, starting with rear hand palm strikes to the high line and moving onto cannon punches to the midline. Sifu then moved us on to double palm strikes, followed by palm / punch combinations. These were all paired with appropriate attacking and defensive movements. Again we trained these solo to begin then with a partner.

We also spent some time on asking bridges, moving between the different styles of attack (closing, opening and gripping). As ever, this is the one that really appeals to me and that I seem to do quite well in.

Sifu then got the pads out and I practiced double palm strikes and punches. Getting the correct "kung fu" rhythm for this was surprisingly difficult. It's where to place / how to hold the first hand whilst the second strikes that I'm finding odd at the moment. I know exactly what to do with it for other arts, I'm just adapting to this one! I was gradually getting into it though, by slowing down the 'in-between' movements whilst keeping the strikes themselves quite fast. One to think about and work on at home though.

Yesterday was a *glorious* sunny day, and it was still hot at night. I had really worked up a sweat by the time we finished on the pads - even Sifu broke a sweat! - so I was glad to move on to force training. I live for the day that I learn what to do with my hands in one finger zen though! I expect a 'eureka' moment daily, but so far it keeps disappointing me lol.

Excellent class, really enjoyed - feel that I'm really getting somewhere now.

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