Monday, 14 June 2010

what weekend?

I started the weekend with great plans for the training I was going to do. Quite frankly that went straight out the window when I overslept on Saturday! I'd had the choice of two classes to go to - either circuits at the Combat Ready gym or some 'Fun in the Park' with Rannoch. Got up so late, I effectively missed both. I did need the sleep though.

I decided to go over to my mum's instead, get some more packing done in the house then go and visit her in hospital. I figured this would give me the chance to do something different on Sunday.

So off I trotted. Got loads done in the house, even checked out the loft (not that I'm tall enough to actually get in it!) and the shed. Then my phone rung. My mother had taken another turn for the worse and could I go asap. Good thing I was at her house; it meant I got to the hospital in about 10 mins instead of anywhere betwen 20 mins and an hour.

Belting up the corridor to the ward I met her bed coming the other way. She'd had another respiratory arrest and was back off to the high dependency unit. On the plus side she was conscious and talking, on the down she was seriously

Once she was installed in the HDU I stayed for a while. She was restless and talkative which kept disturbing the oxygen mask so I decided to head off and let her sleep.

Went back to visit her briefly on Sunday. Half her things seemed to be missing in the hasty move so I wanted to check what had turned up and what hadn't and also to take some things away for safe keeping. Her chest was much clearer, not so much crackling or coughing. She was still awfully confused though. She told me that my dad had been in to see her - he's been dead for about 15 years. She was quite fixated on the police - I saw she'd had a naso-gastric tube fitted and wondered if it was some sort of reaction to the discomfort of having that put it. Nursing staff also told me that she'd been quite stroppy and nasty with them.

Overall staff were pleased with her progress, but at 80 I think the overall prognosis is not that good.

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