Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Run for it!

Ok, so my knee was a seriously hurty thing last night and had me hobbling round the house. Might be due to speed-walking 1 mile round the sports hall as part of a student's research project, a spin class and 175 kettlebell swings (100 x8kg, 50 x 12kg and 25 x 16kg - was meant to be 2 rounds but the knee wasn't having it!)

Thing is, because they're saying it's referred pain from my sacroiliac joint I don't quite know what to do to relieve it. So there was me with an icepack on my knee and pain spray on my back lol.

Anyway, it was better this morning so I took it out for a quick trot round the "trim track" (who thinks these names up????) on campus cos it was a lovely morning. Got my run and my 100 reps in plus some serious protein in the shape of a faceful of insects.

Scheduled for spin at lunchtime - will see how the back / knee combo is doing then. I've also got an osteopath appt tonight, so it might be quite good if I'm quite sore when I go along.

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