Wednesday, 16 June 2010

First fast done

Finished my first fast about 5.30pm last night. I ate very lightly the previous night because I was training, so I probably fasted overall for the best part of around 28-29 hours. It was ok, except the bit where I was stuck in an interminable Equal Opps Committee meeting and my belly was making its opinion known!

Some good things about fasting that I discovered:

  • No digestive distress! When I'm under stress (which I have been a lot recently) it goes straight to my digestion. With no food, I had no symptoms. Result!
  • Training when fasting wasn't anything like as hard as I thought it might be. Admittedly I eased it this time with a sports drink - cheating a bit, I know but the aim is to wean myself off these as well.
  • The belly is ridiculously grateful for whatever it gets when it is finally fed!
  • It takes considerably less food to refuel at the end of the fast - and I really enjoyed it!
  • Fasting saves money - no trips to the shop or the canteen cos I'm bored.

Will I fast again? Definitely. Got next one scheduled in for this Friday.


  1. Well done Avril - takes a lot of willpower to fast completely. I'm impressed. Don't think I could train without food though, I get hypo quite quickly (probably 'cause I'm so wee!)

  2. Hi Sue

    Trust me, I have more than enough blubber to fuel training for some time to come! What was interesting yesterday was my body complaining because it expects to train hard then be given loads of carbs as a reward. It wants the carbs but doesn't really need them, so part of the experiment around intermittent fasting is about trying to break that cycle.

    Training on an empty stomach was actually quite liberating. I'm prone to a 'stressy' tum, which can sometimes have unpleasant side effects when exercising. I had none of that yesterday and it was great!