Monday, 14 June 2010

Finally, some movement

Sunday morning I was determined to do at least some training, so the Other Half and I headed out to a local park for a run. I can't possibly match his sub-27 minute 5k pace so I let him belt off and do his thing while I did my own. At the end of the day, we probably expended around the same effort!

On the way home he finally expressed an interest in learning to swing a kettlebell, so I broke out the 8kgs when we got in. Showed him the two handed swing and let him loose .....

.... still waiting for him to finish 20 swings!

I honestly thought he was going to puke. There was me happily cranking out 50 swings, some single and double kb presses and the poor guy was floored. I guess the kettlebell is the great equaliser lol. If I sound unkind, it's only cos the Other Half had mocked me as he ran past me earlier.

On the more serious side, I guess I'd forgotten how challenging the kettlebell is. It works both as a resistance and an aerobic / anaerobic exercise. Certainly made me feel a wee bit better!

When Other Half abandoned his kettlebell for the shower, I moved on to my 100 reps. Pushed the boat out a wee bit and went for 120 - did 30 pushups, 30 crunches, 30 bodyweight squats and 30 star jumps.


  1. Nothing like a bit of male-female competition, good on yer girl- show him who's boss :-)

  2. Hi Sue

    He actually asked me if I had a lighter kb! Didn't have the heart to tell him I normally swing the 16kg - think it might have hurt his wee ego lol.

    He is a way better runner than me though, so each to their own.



  3. Hee-Hee! Estrogen rules :-)