Thursday, 21 January 2010

first sponsor!

Yup somebody daft enough to encourage me in this whole aerobathon thing. Suppose I'll have to actually do it now.

I'm not suffering too badly at all after yesterday's spin session. This morning's spin was cancelled due to lack on anyone other than me turning up. I could have gone to the gym, but thought maybe I could leave that till tomorrow even though I'm over the worst of the cold.

Truthfully I haven't trained much at all this week. I haven't done any evening classes at all, although I have the perfectly good excuse for last night in that we had visitors! I don't think I'll make circuits class on Saturday either, as I've a few things that I really need to do in town and can't do any other day (oh the joys of being based at the back-end of nowhere). This is odd for me, as usually I spend a lot of time either in classes or charging about to and from classes. I don't generally spend a lot of time in the house, so it has been a nice wee change to have a wee bit of chill time to kick back, watch a couple of dvds and read.

Normal service should be resumed next week however.


  1. Congrats on landing the sponsor!

  2. Hi Matt

    Personally I was hoping nobody would and I wouldn't have to do it lololol.

    Still, it's only 2 hours - I've done worse.


  3. Avril - just spotted your blog - good stuff