Friday, 29 January 2010

Back from the gym

Ended up a bit late in going - stopped to chat over recent 'developments' with a colleague first. The situation is all a bit worrying really. I'm trying to persuade myself that if the worst happens and I am made redundant, then it will be an excellent opportunity to do something different with my life. Que sera sera, as the Tartan Army always says!

Anyway, once I got over there I ended up with less than 30 mins so I opted for 20 mins cardio. I chose the cross-trainer for a change. It's not my favourite cardio, as I'm not convinced of its benefits. However, I've been on the bike (spinning) twice this week already and I didn't fancy the impact of the treadmill today. So it some hard cross-training for me. Knocked out 3.5km in the time, which I thought was pretty decent. Heart rate topped out at 174 with an average of 167, which is probably the highest it's been in a while. So from that point of view, it was a good workout. I was certainly a wee sweaty person at the end.

Pity about the bacon roll that I've just had though lol.

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