Monday, 11 January 2010

Saturday circuits

It was snowing when I went along to Combat Ready for the circuits class on Saturday. At least my windscreen washers were working though!

It was good to train again on a Saturday morning. I haven't had Saturday classes since I stopped training with kupso, and I've really missed that.

It was cold, but I soon warmed up and was able to shed hoodie and joggies and eventually even my socks. Going barefoot was more about not falling flat on my face during the burpees right enough, rather than because my tootsies were toastie lol.

The class was good and probably at about the right level of challenging. The stations were changed about a bit during the 45 mins, but we did things like: dumbbell bicep curls, kettlebell swings, skipping, Swiss ball pushups, burpees, kettlebell press, situps, kettlebell high swings, kettlebell squats with 2 kbs and Swiss ball plank.

I tried swinging a 16kg kettlebell for the first time and it was ok. I would seriously toil to press that though! I'm going to Rannoch's KB1 and KB2 refresher on 31 January so I think I will order a 16kg for collection on the day.

I fully intended to do my 100 reps yesterday (Sunday) but got involved in doing many exciting things like tidying out the wardrobe etc. I'm sure we'll get something similar at class tonight though, although I will have to decide between nipping along the road to Combat Ready or going up to the Energy Gym. I'll see what I fancy closer to the time I think.


  1. Nice blog.

    Sounds like a great class. There is a new combat class at my gym. I was interested in trying it out but I heard there was a lot of jumping which would be hard on my knee. I am looking for a group exercise class at my gym that is knee friendly.

  2. Hi Michelle

    Thanks very much for your kind comments! Have you thought about spinning / indoor cycling / RPM classes? They might be ok for your knee.

    Re bodycombat classes. As an MA instructor, I think you could well be horrified by these. I went for a while and although the class was certainly high energy, the instruction was v poor and I saw so many "injuries in progress" from uncorrected poor form that I couldn't stand it any more and stopped going.

    Something like Boxercise might also suit. Great workout but kinder on the knees.