Friday, 8 January 2010

I dun training!

Made it along to krav maga class tonight. It was a 90 minute class - my friend and I stayed for about 45 mins. She had done the ladies class immediately prior, I was more concerned about driving home safely!

This was my first class in the new Combat Ready venue, which is in an industrial unit not far from where I stay. Definite improvement on our old location!

We warmed up with some sets of skipping. Whacking cold toes with a skipping rope is really not to be recommended, lol. Then it was lots of star jumps (jumping jacks) interspersed with some gym ball stuff (pushups onto the ball, pushups with feet on the ball) and a set on the ab roller. Next was a couple of 100 rep sets - 100 bodyweight squats, done in sets of 20, followed by 100 pushups. I find the squats quite straightfoward, but as a woman the pushups are much more challenging. We girls were asked to do 50 pushups - my friend managed 55 and I managed 60.

Finally we got onto the mats to work some combatives - a variety of palm heel strikes, then adding in elbows and knees. Next we started working in threes, defending against 2 attackers.

I enjoyed my first class back, and it was good to be back training.

This morning I was v brave and drove into work so I have my stuff to go to the gym and finally break in the new running shoes I got during the festive break.

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