Monday, 25 January 2010

Quiet weekend

Okay, so less of the guilt now for bombing out of circuits class on Saturday - the class had been cancelled anyway! So I got to do my other stuff with a clear conscience lol.

Sunday I played badminton with my partner for about 90 mins.

We have v contrasting styles. He favours nippy wee drop shots, and I like smashing real power shots straight at him. Mind you, it's been a while since I played (a good few months, in fact) and at the start I was moving about the court like the Scottish rugby team (ie flat footed and caught in two minds most of the time). Once I warmed up a bit though, I kind of started to get my groove back and I was getting to a few more of those drop shots. I find myself vulnerable to those shots, mainly because I don't like to overcommit myself in one direction once I've returned the shuttle, then I'm just not quick enough generally around the court.

I like badminton but I don't get to play enough these days.

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