Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The week so far

On Monday I ended up heading up to the Energy Gym at Boroughmuir RFC for the krav maga class. The car park up there was, well hilarious would be about the best word for it. Let's just say that the thaw hadn't quite made it up there!

Good turn out for the class though. We started off with a quick circuits set: pushups with raised feet, weighted arm extensions, shoulder press, kettlebell squats, Swiss ball plank, skipping and step ups.

Then it was on to the pads to work our combatives (and fitness) before moving on to defending wrist grabs, chokes on the ground from side control and full mount and hair grabs. Lee demonstrated how to take the side control defence into an arm bar submission. Great for sport but maybe not so cool in self defence as you are still on the ground and therefore vulnerable if your attacker has friends. Useful to know and practice though.

First spin class on 2010 (and for about a month in fact). A few wee ouchies, esp when we hit the sprints with a lot more resistance than we're used to. Otherwise a good class and very nice to be back at spin. I like spin a lot as I find it's good for both cardio endurance and building the strength in my lower body. I have quads of steel these days lol.

In the evening I headed along to Combat Ready for a krav maga and kettlebells class. I was hopelessly disorganised and totally forgot that I really need my gum shield and boxing gloves for this class. Actually I think my head was somewhere else altogether last night. I fully intended to stay for the full 90 mins, but I kind of lost heart just before the 45 min mark. It wasn't lack of fitness or anything like that, as I actually really enjoyed the conditioning part. When it came to the krav stuff, my heart just wasn't in it. Strange one - maybe just one of those things.

Spin at lunchtime today which I'm looking forward to. Tonight - haven't decided yet. I have the choice of a Tactical Edge class or an MMA class. I haven't been to an MMA class this year yet; in fact, I haven't even seen the new venue yet. However, I may just stay home for a wee change. There's some stuff going on at home just now which suggests that may be the right thing to do.

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