Friday, 8 January 2010

New running shoes

Back during the festive break - must be oh all of about 100 years ago now - I bought new running shoes. My partner went to a local running shop (Footworks in Bruntsfield) to have his gait analysed. It was obvious that the guy in the shop really knew what he was talking about, so I decided to get my gait done as well. I found out that I over-pronate a fair bit on the left foot but not so much on the right. The Asics Trabucco shoes I've been wearing are ok but the guy got me to try these Saucony Xodus shoes, which I really liked. And they happened to be on sale. So I bought them!

Today was the first day I've been able to try them out. Since I brought the car, I duly toted my sports gear in and went to the gym on campus. I ran 2km on the treadmill, did 5k on the stationary bike, did my 100 reps (crunches) for the day and finished off my press ups (40) from last night.

Then I realised time was kicking on, so I hit the shower and went and got breakfast. I suppose I should go and do something constructive now lol.

In other news, looks like the Combat Ready guys could be running a couple of classes tomorrow. Hope so - training will stop me from going out spending money lolololol.


  1. You must be really fit with all this cardio and weight training you do. I'm really impressed. I think you'd make mince meat of me! lol. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Sue

    Fit?? I wish!! Notice I didn't say how long it took me to run 2k or to cycle 5k. I am the world's slowest runner lol.

    As to making mincemeat of you, I doubt it. I'd have to catch you first, and I imagine you're probably quite fast on your feet when it comes to sparring. On the other hand, if I did hit you then you'd probably know about it. I'm told I do have "heavy" hands.

    Still, when it comes to martial arts we're all different and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. That's what makes it so great.