Wednesday, 6 January 2010

To class or not to class?

I decided to give Monday's krav maga class a miss due to the poor road conditions. That particular class is a good 20 mins away by car with a couple of really nippy hills. Given the driving conditions during the day and the evening drop in temperature, I wasn't taking any risks!

Yesterday (and today) I have left the car at home and come into work by bus / train. Ouchies on the wallet but much less stress, despite the pelters I am getting from my colleagues for wussing out of driving.

Last night I had great intentions on going along to new Combat Ready venue at Bonnington Mill. I even got home in plenty of time to get along. However there was another real drop in temperature plus snow threatening. I really didn't fancy coming home by bus (or on foot) after training hard, so I gave it another miss. Instead, I broke out the kettlebells and worked some tough sets with them. I then did some bodyweight exercises to finish.

I see that class is cancelled tonight, so it'll be home gym time again tonight. I'm not even managing classes in the gym at work as without the car, it's difficult to carry all the stuff I need :=( Hopefully the roads will be better tomorrow so I can get back to training then.

I've even ordered home deliveries of cat food and litter to save me having to take the car to get those! How extra wussy is that lol.

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