Monday, 1 February 2010

Today I hurt!

Thanks to Rannoch and his KB1 and KB2 workshops yesterday.

6 hours of mobility work, bodyweight drills and kettlebells later I was totally burst by the time I got home. This wasn't helped by the fact that I hadn't slept brilliantly the night before. I got woken about 0355 and didn't really manage to get back off to a good deep sleep again, so I was pretty shattered by getting up time. I definitely had a good night's sleep last night though!

So, the KB1 workshop started off with the usual mobility work - neck rotations, tilting the head forward and back then tilting the head from side to side. Then it was on to thoracic mobility. I can manage the individual forward and back and side to side movements ok, but for the life of me I cannot put them together to move my upper body in a circle! Same with the hips - I can do the individual side to side and forward and back movements, but again find it difficult to put them together. Still, I wasn't the only one with that issue!

Rannoch likes pushups! Rannoch likes many pushup variations. Rannoch is good at many pushup variations. I am mince at many pushup variations .... KB2 was far heavier on the pushup variations.

I am, on the other hand, good at squats. Bodyweight squats, wall squats, barbell squats - I likes my squats. Except maybe hindu squats - thems sore ones lol.

After we'd worked our bodyweight drills we started working with the kettlebells. I teamed up with a lady bodybuilder from the Shetlands and we really encouraged each other. We started with the swing, two handed and one. We also did the clean, the clean and press, the push press and the Turkish getup.

I am mince at the Turkish getup. I'm strong enough to do it with the kettlebell but I lack the confidence to make it work for me, esp with my dodgy left arm. I gave it a go though.

We finished off with a 6 minute timed set (30 secs swing and 30 secs of movement).

We had an hour's break between the workshops, so I used the time to have some lunch and some chill time. And chill was the word for it - it was pretty cold in the Energy Gym yesterday. Rannoch soon got us warmed up for KB2 with some 'bounding' drills. Didn't take me long to start regretting lunch!

Once we were all out of breath, we revisited the mobility drills. I was no better at moving things in circles lol. Then we moved on to the pushup variations. I am trying to blot my inadequacies out at this point.

Then we broke out the kettlebells for clean and jerks, snatches and double kettlebell drills. I astounded myself by being able to clean and press *two* 16s. I also managed two *20s* but for one rep only. My bodybuilder friend got all the way up to the 24s and I think only stalled on the 28s. She was pretty awesome.

We did timed rounds of snatches, 2 minutes each. My left arm basically said "no thanks" on the second round lol.

One of the other CKT instructors finished us off with a set of killer kettlebell and bodyweight circuits.

I finished myself off by lugging myself, my bag and a 16kg and 12kg kettlebell upstairs in a oner!

Today my lats, my delts, my biceps, my abs, my quads and my *feet* are all wondering what the hell hit them! I couldn't understand why my feet hurt so much this morning - then I remembered. That would be the hindu squats and the hindu squat and hold ....

However, despite all my whining I would recommend Rannoch's workshops to anyone: Not only do I always learn something new and good, I always meet really great people at the workshops.

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