Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Challenge progress

No 1 -
10,000 kettlebell swings update:

Day 3 Tuesday 16 February 750 swings
Day 2 Monday 15 February 500 swings
Day 1 Sunday 14 February 500 swings

Running total:
1,750 swings or about 17.5%

No 2 -
Giving up eating and drinking rubbish (eg crisps, chocolate, fizzy juice etc) for Lent:

Good start - have just binned the bottle of Irn Bru I found in my desk to remove temptation. Have bottle of water and fruit.

No 3 -
Do mobility drills and chi kung exercises every day:

Going well so far - do these before the kettlebell swinging.

No 4 -
100 reps as per Rannoch:

Strictly speaking I could count the kettlebell swings as part of this. However, I wanted to make sure I got some variety in my practice, so I've been interspersing lower body drills such as bodyweight squats and lunges in between kettlebell sets.

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