Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nae spin today

Spin class was cancelled again this morning - I'm beginning to see a bit of a common theme here! This time however I was a good girl and I went to the gym intead.

20 mins on the cross-trainer. Normally I set the cardio machines on manual and do my own thing. This time I thought I would see what their "fat burning" programme was all about. I have *no* idea what level this machine was operating at, but it was high. The cooldown level was level 6, so that will maybe give you some idea lol. I must have set the heartrate level too high, cos I only hit it twice in the 20 mins (and I was still working hard) and only sustained it once. I don't think I'm that fit, so I must have done it a wee bit wrong.

Did my 100 reps for the day - 100 bodyweight squats, plus 25 pushups and 50 crunches.

Really need my breakfast now.

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