Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Weather is happening. Again

It's only flamin' well snowing. Again. I don't see that predicted on any of the weather sites (Met Office, BBC Weather, Metcheck.com etc). Well, ok they've got it down to snow this afternoon. Why we had to build a campus out by the A1, I will never know! Roads were fine till I hit the A1, then it was fun fun fun all the way.

Speaking of fun, it looks like the person who arrived immediately before me had loads of fun making their car 'fishtail' all the way down our slip road and into our carpark. It wasn't actually bad enough to slide so they were obviously just entertaining themselves ....

I hate driving in snow and I actually debated working from home today. I'm probably now going to fret about going home in the snow all day today :=(

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