Friday, 26 February 2010

Last night's classes

Braved the rain to head out to chi kung and Shaolin kung fu classes last night. Due to various concerns around work etc, I was very distracted during chi kung class and probably didn't get everything out of it that I could. I certainly didn't have the mental focus required.

Kung fu class was really good though. I'd obviously managed to absorb some of the learning from last week.

We started with standing meditation and moved onto practicing golden bridge. We then moved onto stance training, practicing bow and arrow and false leg stances. From there we worked onto our attacking and defensive footwork, using the gliding step to move forward and backward.

We also looked at palm strikes and worked at incorporating these with our footwork. From solo training we then started working with our partners on footwork and strikes. Then it was back to solo training, working on blocks and then kicks. Once we were confident working these solo, we started practicing with our partners.

It was a fun class, with an emphasis on practicing slowly so that we truly learn the skills.

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