Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monday's krav maga

It was a toughie on Monday.

As part of the warmup, we were 'benchmarked' on pushups and bodweight squats. I hit 55 for pushups and 140 for the bodyweight squats. I was happy with both of these, despite being accused of 'half-reps' on the squats lol. Middle-aged knees only go so far!

We then did lots of lovely 'bounding' exercises. My body seriously hates these - I'm not really built for lots of jumping - but that's every reason to keep doing them. At least I'm finding that my recovery is better every time I do them, even if I feel like I'm dying during them.

After a short break, we moved onto our krav work. We started with our core strikes, working combinations of palm heels, elbows, knees and kicks. Then the class split, with the ladies moving onto defending front and rear bear hugs, arms trapped and arms free. These are always lots of fun to do. The guys on the other hand were officially defending against multiple attackers, unofficially it sounded more like a rampaging free-for-all. I'm sure there were many bruises afterwards!

Very glad to get home afterwards and hit the shower.


  1. Sounds fun.

    My back is out at the moment - pulled something - and it is taking a while to get straight...

    Hopefully I'll be back to Krav soon

  2. Hi Chris

    Sorry to hear about your back - hope you get better soon. Count yourself lucky you missed the warm up on Monday though!