Thursday, 4 February 2010

Snow and spin

Since I'd finally worked most of the kinks out from Sunday's workshops, I was glad to see that spin class was on. Although we were minus one or two regulars, it was still a pretty full class. Derek (he of the long l-o-n-g sprints) was class leader and excelled himself with a *55 second* sprint. He also offered some 10 second sprints. Now, either the man can't count to 10 or those were way longer than 10 seconds lol. Good class and it blew some cobwebs away.

As for the snow, well it stayed away until the predicted time of 2100. I was coming back from my friend's house and it was certainly snowing (and lying) then. Got up this morning and it had largely gone, esp from the roads. It certainly feels a lot warmer today as well.

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