Wednesday, 24 February 2010

challenge progress

No 1 - 10,000 kettlebell swings

Halfway there now!
Day 9 Mon 22 Feb 250 swings

Day 10 Tue 23 Feb 1,000 swings

Total: 5,500 swings

No 2 - 'Lent'
Still haven’t wavered. Tempted but haven’t given in yet.

No 3 - Mobility and chi kung exercises
I confess that I forgot about the chi kung exercises and didn’t remember until after I’d gone to bed. I shall make up for that tonight. Otherwise I am still keeping up with these.

No 4- 100 reps
I am choosing to count the ‘benchmarking’ exercises which we did in krav class on Monday as my 100 reps!

Mon 22 Feb – 55 pushups, 140 bodyweight squats
Tue 23 Feb - 100 crunches

I will be very glad with the KB swings are done – my hands are becoming well ‘shredded’ now, despite using liberal amounts of chalk!

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